Cycles: The simplest, proven way to build your business

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A short introduction to Cycles

Learn the basics of cycles in less than 2 minutes

A new type of book

There are lots of books about start-ups and scale-ups, but not many great books. Most of those books are focused on tools. Cycles is a book focused on practices any company can use.

There are companies that succeed and companies that fail. The biggest difference between winners and losers, is smart winners make good, even mediocre, ideas great over time.

Based on 3 years of research

The book is written in collaboration with 24 co-authors from around the world, each an expert in their field. This book is about how to get the cycles of growth right by getting the ABCs of growth right.

The ABCs of Innovation Success

How to get everyone thinking and working together

How to build bigger, better ideas quicker

How to clearly communicate and check your ideas

How to set up the right systems to lead and get better over time

A longer introduction

Here are slides from a seminar on ‘the Cycles method’. You’ll learn the story behind the book, and a see some of the tools and methods in action.

Want to learn how to put Cycles to work at your company?