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Interim Management Experience

A successful interim manager in technical and non-technical roles.

Interim CEO

17 Months

Led the launch of 3 new products and helped create an off-shore technical team. Built an international sales network.

Global Marketing Director

11 Months

Doubled website traffic and sales leadsvia a new website and social media marketing. Built a new worldwide marketing team (USA, LATAM, Russia,andChina). Managed 4 global events (Boston, Prague, Torino and Trento). Marketing lead for salesforce.com implementation.

Digital Marketing Director

7 Months

Digital Marketing Transformation. Re-organized the digital marketing team, cut costs by 35% and built sales by 23%. Led a program that significantly improved marketing/ sales communication. Marketing lead for salesforce.com implementation.

Lead Mentor

9 Months

Helped organize and lead a 3-week event with 60 mentors and 440 participants from all over the world. Also responsible for mentor training and support.

Business Development

6 Months

Business model innovation plus research in the US, China, and Europe

Innovation Management

3 Months

Worked with the executive committee interviewing all EMEA directors to create a new and improved innovation strategy.

Innovation Management

2 Months

Led a project analyzing organizational systems to improve innovation across the whole company.

Innovation and coaching

6 Months

Led a project to identify new business models for several divisions. Led development and coached the team to ensure successful implementation.

Director New Product Development

21 Months

Launched 3 new products including Select Post and a new system to handle undeliverable mail. Estimated business impact €10-15 million bottom line per year

Specific Expertise in Interim Management

My strongest management skill is the ability to get people aligned and then build processes/systems to help people get focused and working consistently until the desired results are achieved.


Areas of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Sales / Marketing integration
  • Public speaking / Inspiration


  • Founder or co-founder of 11 companies(9 successes) in 6 countries.
  • Profit/ Loss responsibility for over 20 years
  • Responsible for the hiring / on-boarding of over 200 people
  • The marketing lead for salesforce.com implementations at Orange, IBA
  • A proven record of delivering growth in my own companies and client companies


Actigroup, Adessa, Consodata, Guru Training Systems, Ixerv, Prebana Posta, SmartEnds, SweetBee, Test Achats, The Belgian Post, The Royal Mail, Cadbury Schweppes, Canada Post, Colgate Palmolive, Hong Kong Post, Kimberly Clark, P&G, The Belgian Post, The Italian Post, The US Postal Service, Unilever


Areas of expertise

  • Outcome Driven Innovation
  • JTBD (Jobs to be done analysis)
  • Business model innovation, and business model canvas
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea Validation
  • Innovation Engineering
  • Lean Start-up


  • Responsible for the successful launch/re-launch of over 50 products
  • 4 years of experience teaching Innovation/New product marketing at an
  • MBA level (KU Leuven/ Solvay)
  • Successfully coached and led 60 start-up mentors at the European Innovation Academy, 3-week program with over 450 start-ups
  • Lead Author of Cycles, an important new book on how to grow small ideas into big ideas
  • Coached over 50 start-ups that launched MVPs/led the Founder Institute Brussels
  • Created an academically-validated innovation readiness assessment used by over 400 companies


Donaldson, Eastman Chemicals, Fokker, IBA, Kluwer, Polet Water Group, Proximus, Test Achats, and trainings with over 250 companies


Areas of expertise

  • SEO /SEA
  • Social media marketing
  • Email and drip marketing
  • Data mining/analytic
  • Abilityto supervise outsourced technical teams
  • Agile / Scrum
  • Outsourcing
  • Change management


  • Created Comparatio: a linked network of 24 comparison shopping sites. 22 had top 10 SEO ranks in Google for over 20 keywords
  • Built and managed an 8-person technical team in India(Comparatio)and a 7-person team in Pakistan(SmartEnds
  • Led a transformation at Orange (2nd largest internet marketer in Belgium) that increased site traffic by 30 and conversion by 40%
  • A complete digital marketing transformation at IBA (social media, new website, email marketing, automated) that doubled web traffic and quadrupled identification of business prospects


Smartends, Comparatio, IBA, Mobistar (Orange)


Qualitative and quantitative market research, business modeling, big data analytics, pricing, and business negotiation

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